Crimes against humanity and the quest for a decent cup of coffee.

A Memoir by Dennis Lynch


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SHOOTING SADDAM is a behind-the-scenes narrative of the televised coverage of Saddam Hussein’s trial and conviction. The trial serves as a backdrop for

an amusing and enlightening journey at the peak of Baghdad’s civil unrest. 

The reader will sense everyday life in a war zone waking to mortar attacks, the constant hum of Medevac helicopters, the oppressive heat, and isolation. SHOOTING SADDAM is not a technical or legal story, but an insight of people and events during an historical moment. Follow the early heady days of the trial when the world watched an infamous tyrant defy justice, and the painful disintegration of this legal experiment into chaos, apathy, and criticism.

This satirical life and trial narrative offers a unique, entertaining, and thoughtful perspective for readers of nonfiction court drama, current events, military, and humor. 

What readers are saying:

"Don't let the title fool you. You are instantly fond of the storyteller and his bold humor."

"This quick read will enlighten you to the world "over there." Lynch gives you an up close and personal look behind the scenes as he combines the atrocities of war with justice, all the while sprinkling it with his hilarious self deprecating and appropriately timed sense of humor."

"I couldn't put this book down the first night that I started reading it. Mr Lynch has expertly intertwined his behind-the-scenes knowledge of the trial with a wonderfully sarcastic and biting wit. His mini saga of the drama and logistical nightmares that occurred in the process of televising this important moment in history is treated with a careful balance of reverence and humor. This is a seriously entertaining and informative account of a trial as told by a true insider to the whole process. I eagerly await Dennis Lynch's next literary offering."

​"A great perspective on such a tragic event. I appreciate Lynch's satirical banter as he narrates the Saddam trials and his experience as a civilian in a war zone. This book is very well written and uses all forms of humor and imagery to tie the reader into his unusual experiences."

"This book is made to speak to everyone. An historian would appreciate its quirky perspective... those connected to military would enjoy the comical imagery of the Green Zone.... anyone who followed the trial would benefit from the behind-the-scenes revelations.... For the average person, such as myself, this book speaks a universal language that connects the reader and helps them relate to a drastically different reality."

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