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Hanoch Piven is a mixed media artist utilizing common objects and scraps, that are generally associated with the subject.  In this caricature, Saddam's mustache is made of matches.  Piven's works have been featured in Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, The Atlantic Monthly, and others.

Early cover ideas ranged from too serious to cartooonish.  Mr. Pevin's Saddam blended the abstract, witty humor we were looking for with an easily identifiable caricature.



When Dennis travelled to Iraq to cover the trials of Saddam Hussein, he already had considerable experience behind the camera with some of America’s most infamous cases.

Since he began working with Court TV in 1997, Dennis has been in the courtroom of nearly every high profile hearing or trial west of the Mississippi.  Including Jodi Arias, O.J. Simpson’s Las Vegas trial, Dr. Conrad Murray, Scott Peterson, Robert Blake, Ted Binion, Phil Spector, Noura Jackson, James Ray/Sweat lodge, Brandon Wilson/Matthew Cecchi, David Westerfield/Danielle van Dam, Kobe Bryant, and Manson Family parole hearings.  When courtroom cameras weren’t permitted, Dennis moved outside with the reporters for trials such as Warren Jeffs, Elizabeth Smart, O.J. Simpson civil trial, Matthew Shepard, and Michael Jackson’s pedophile case. The trials have been carried live on Court TV, In Session, HLN, CNN, and featured numerous times as main stories on "Dateline," "48 Hours," and "20/20." 

As a Director of Photography, Dennis has travelled extensively around the country filming documentaries, cable series, live events, and instructional programs for broadcast and corporate markets.

During his 38 years in film and television, Dennis and associated productions received numerous acknowledgements including the CINE Golden Eagle, Gold Cindy/IFPA, Angel and Halo, Film Advisory Board of Excellence, and Telly awards.

Dennis Lynch graduated from Chapman University with a double major in English and Communications.